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Custom Responsive Web Design

High Arte designs each client's mobile website, whether in HTML5 or WordPress, with as much creativity, attention to detail and best practices, as if it were designing its own. That's because designing a responsive website is much like designing a building—it's all about choice—where the aesthetics of design meet the science of usability.

Your Window On The World

Your website is your "window on the world" allowing instantaneous access to anyone, from anywhere and at any time to gaze through that window to see who you are and what it is you do. It's your single most valuable communication commodity and marketing tool, and this is why we custom design every client's website. Because it's our job is provide our clients with their own unique window that not only provides a great first impression but a clear understanding of who our clients are, what it is they do and how they can help their potential clients.

Responsive Design Is A Must

With 81% of Americans using the Internet, and with over 70% of individuals under 30 using only mobile devices, responsive web design is essential for positive user experience regardless of whether your site is being viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices.  For that reason, all of the websites we design and develop work flawless on any device and provide the same, gorgeous functionality, regardless of the Internet browser being used.

Rise Above The Crowd

Of course, today's business reality requires more than merely having a responsive, online presence. There are millions of websites, and you want—need, actually—yours to resonate with customers and prospects, and to at least measure up to, if not stand above, your competition.

Our Commitment

Regardless of your size, complexity or the scope of your needs, we're committed to creating an on-line presence that is a unique, powerful Web experience – that communicates to the world in a clear, effective and compelling manner who you are and what you do.

HTML5 & WordPress

No One-Size-Fits-All

At High Arte we design and develop our client's websites using both WordPress and HTML5 as well as the eCommerce business platform, Adobe Business Catalyst. We offer both choices because there is no, "one-size-fits-all," when it comes to web design and we want to provide our clients with a choice based on their needs and goals. The decision to go with one over the other is a choice that should be carefully considered based on the those needs and goals, the scope of the project and how the website will be maintained and used.

If you're interested in learning the difference between these three and which might be the right choice for your project, we will be happy to review their respective merits in light of what you're looking to accomplish during our thirty-minute Complimentary Consultation.

Please give us a call at 323.656.6517 to set up an appointment or fill out our Complimentary Consultation Form and we'll be in touch.

Website Hosting & Site Management

Website Hosting

Website hosting provides your website with the space it needs in order for it to be visible and accessible on the Internet. In some cases, it may also store email relating to your website's domain name.

In order for customers to find your website, you will need website hosting. Website hosting costs vary depending on how large your website is and how much traffic your website receives per month.

We use premium hosting servers and all website hosting accounts are accessible using the popular cPanel interface.

Website Hosting Plans

Website hosting plans start from $11.95/month and include set disk space, bandwidth and other included features; in addiiton, our Partner, Adobe Business Catalyst, provides a range of hosting eCommerce packages.

Website Management

Let us take care of your website's services

Website management means you no longer need to worry about contacting three or four different companies about the different services your website uses.

Our website management service means we can take care of:

  • Website design (a new website)
  • Website maintenance (updating your existing website)
  • Website hosting (the space your website occupies on the Internet)
  • Email services
  • Domain names (your website's address on the Internet)
  • SSL Certificates (website security)
  • and much more

What are the benefits?

  • Only one company to contact if there's a problem with your website, which means a quick solution
  • All of your renewals are managed in one central place.
  • No more accidental domain name expirations
  • Quick, reliable, proactive and friendly support
  • Competitive pricing

For more information about our Web Hosting and Site Management, please give us a call at 323.656.6517 of fill out our Get-A-Quote Questionnaire and we'll be in touch.


If you're looking to sell online—be it fashion, music, books, or... whatever—you'll need an e-commerce website to convert your browsers to buyers. You'll also need a system that's easy to manage, that doesn't require you to be a technical expert, and, most importantly, you'll need a reliable and fast website that's there when your customers need it, A professional, easy to use and well maintained e-commerce website is key to creating a successful online business.

Whether you're a passionate start up or well established, our e-commerce shopping carts either in WordPress or Adobe Business Catalyst make it easy to manage your website and your business. In addition, you'll need secure payment gateway integration, freight fulfillment & shipping options, detailed analytics tracking and email marketing solutions.

To learn the scope of Adobe Business Catalyst's e-commerce integrated services, please.

Content Management

In an increasingly information-driven economy, the success of your business is often defined by how efficiently you capture, create, manage and deliver information. Just as information is at the core of your business, how the information is leveraged goes to the core of your competitive advantage.

There are many benefits to a content managed solution and it's essential that we understand your unique business requirements to ensure you get the most out of your content management system. Equally important is the ease that you are able to deal with content, which includes non-technical editing, page templates for uniform designs and work-flow so that any staff member can become a web editor, updating your content frequently to attract customers and users to your website.

With both WordPress and Business Catalyst's content management systems there are a range of options for the importing, organizing, displaying and maintaining files, text and media in a structured database.

To learn the scope of Adobe Business Catalyst's content management system, please

Our Work

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Since communication is our business, we have prepared an in-depth Get-A-Quote Questionnaire that will provide us with a good understanding of what you're looking to accomplish. However, in order for us to make the best possible evaluation and provide you with a realistic proposal, please fill out the Questionnaire with as much detail as possible. Any information you provide is strictly confidential as described in our Privacy Policy.
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