High Arte Client Testimonials

Bolen comes at web design from a very different perspective than most designers. His first job is to gain a core understanding of his client’s business and the purpose of their website.

Most web designers I know stick strictly to layout and SEO while leaving it to their clients to decide what information (and how it’s organized) makes the most sense for their audience.

Bolen's services, however, cover every aspect of the development process and he provides a professional opinion that requires a deep understanding of the “who, what, where, when and why” of his client’s business.

Ryan Hutchins

Bolen, of High Arte, is the ultimate professional and very passionate about what he does. I got way more than I intended by using his services and he is now my go-to website and marketing guy.

When I showed up for our initial consultation, I was excited but overwhelmed with what all to include/not include on my website. I am a Professional Organizer, owner of Creatively Neat, and the possibilities for what I do are endless! I had built my own website, but knew it wasn't professional enough and I was ready to take it to another level.

I laid it all out on the table and he listened. He then offered incredible, honest feedback so that I could hone in on what exactly I do, starting with a solid foundation that I can build on. What insight, what a relief, and what a difference he has made!

Not only did he design a fun and unique website specifically for my business, he helped me articulate what it is that I do so that anyone can understand it – with just one click.

Almost instantaneously, business picked up! In fact, I have never been this busy. It's fantastic. Bolen knows about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is super critical to get people to any site. Customers often compliment my website and say they've called me to inquire about my services because of it. Next, I'm having Bolen set me up a mobile website because I believe him when he says, "that's the future," and I want to very much thrive in the future.

I recommend High Arte and their very reasonable rates to anyone who wants a website–especially if you're looking to grow your business!

Ashley Stanfield

High Arte came to my attention with stellar recommendations!

I retained Bolen's services to help me with my marketing by creating a website and a tri-fold brochure.

Before we ever started talking about the layout, Bolen and I spent many hours discussing my target audience, message to be conveyed, and poring over photographs.

Initially, I resisted some of Bolen's suggestions, but he was very patient in explaining to me how potential clients would interact with the website (or worse, stop interacting with the website and click elsewhere).  

I have since received numerous accolades on the "look and feel" of the website, accolades that should be credited to Bolen.

I enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to others.

Romben Aquino, Esq.

We highly recommend High Arte.

My partner and I hired them to design a logo, website and business cards for our startup company, Private Driver L.A.  We couldn't be happier with the results..

Bolen expertly and patiently walked us through the process of branding our new company and devising a business strategy and the right tools to make it work.  The specific visual elements were terrific and met our high expectations.

But, just as importantly, Bolen is a team player who was flexibly open to our needs and work style, and was able to step into our shoes and remain focused on the goal of making our company a success.

Jay Bernzweig

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

Bolen has redone my website, optimized my social networking and used his SEO skills to get my website on the 1st page of Google in at least 15 categories.

He also produces my newsletters and blogs for me. I wouldn't be where I am with out his knowledge and keen eye.

He is the best.

Eva Knoppel

Bolen recently completed our company's website. He was very responsive and passionate about making sure that it was not only eye-catching, but easy to navigate and optimized for search engines.

Hiring Bolen is not like hiring a 20-something – just out of college. He brings with him a wealth of information: marketing, graphic and, of course, web design and the world of art history and this life experience makes all the difference.

I also appreciate that he keeps his prices affordable. He worked with our budget and did not charge more when the site became larger than expected.

In addition, over the last few years, he has done a half-dozen projects for me and has always does them in a timely, cost-effective manner!

His work consistently exceeds my expectations and I highly recommend him.

Tim Peterson

Dear Bolen,

Working with you was a transforming experience. Your creative and technical expertise resulted in an extraordinary website and brochure.

You were able to take my rather abstract concept and turn it into an astounding finished product! I really appreciate your hand holding and reassurance as we moved through choosing photos, text and finally the crème de la crème – my video.

Kudos for your insight, patience and vision and a heartfelt thank you, Bolen.

Lynn Grossman, MFT

I couldn't be more satisfied with the services I received from High Arte for my new website. It is not only graphically beautiful but it is extremely well thought out.

Bolen High is not only a web designer but he's a very good source of marketing tools. He created a stunning Power Point presentation presenting my company and I intend to hire him to do my Newsletters.

His work was above my expectations!

Sabine Provo

Bolen is a most creative guy!

He designed both my new business cards and my website. His creativity, good taste and attention to detail are beyond wonderful – especially his attention to detail.

He is also very patient and took the time to really get to know me and my business before we decided how best to proceed. He has totally transformed my business image.

I would also like to add, I looked at his website again, and want to tell you how brilliant I think it is.

I've seen cards, and Web pages by graphic artists who do designs but forget to tell you what they do. They may have an impressive logo and use wonderful colors, but you have to ask what is it that they do? But on Bolen's website, you know exactly what he does because it's so clear and concise and … creative!

I can't say enough good things about him.

Linda Rose Levine

You should know…

The catchy & kitsch style that High Arte created for our monthly email campaign was perfectly suited to who we are – a stock photography agency.

The year-long campaign they conceived increased our site registration by 100%.

Roberta Groves

My firm retained High Arte to assist us with a new branding campaign, including a new logo, letterhead, business cards and the like.

Throughout the process, Bolen High listen to my ideas and concerns and was very responsive. He presented me with different ideas and options and help me hone in on what best communicated our branding message.

We are very pleased with the final product and have received many positive comments.

Jeffrey Erdman, Esq.


Thank you so much for designing my website.

Your vision and technical expertise were invaluable at every phase of the process. Plus your profound understanding of the entertainment industry really helped to focus my material into a concise and cohesive presentation.

My site would never have been completed without your patience when I procrastinated, and your gentle encouragement when I felt overwhelmed. You helped me break down the project into realistic goals; you listened to my preferences and incorporated my suggestions...from simple things like color choices to more complex content issues.

I'm so very grateful to have this professional Internet "calling card" that represents me and my accomplishments so accurately.

Susan Brandner

What I liked about working with Bolen is that he offered great feedback based on his knowledge and experience that allowed me to make informed decisions. My website came out better than I even expected. I was very nervous about doing videos but Bolen was by my side through the entire process.

You are in great hands with Bolen! He is easy to work with, very friendly and makes himself accessible.

Kimberly Clapp, MFT

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