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The emergence of social media has created a tremendous opportunity for businesses to connect directly with their target demographic, more so than any other marketing medium available today.

The Social Media Marketing Challenge

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LInkedIn, Blogs and Forums…these are the most notable examples of social media channels. The biggest challenges for any business is working out how to leverage these channels effectively in order to create buzz around your brand.

Social Media Marketing is more than simply setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account. The "build it and they will come" approach will simply not work. You need a carefully devised strategy to attract audiences, rally them into action, encourage them to spread the word and keep them coming back.

Social Media Marketing is about creating an engaging presence for your brand across as many social media platforms as possible. We know how each of these social networks work and can create a strategy that integrates all the relevant social media channels for your brand. We can effectively connect you with your customers…now like never before.

Social Media Marketing Services

The following is a list of some of the Social Media Services we provide, but it is by no means definitive, given the number of platforms, their respective strengths and weaknesses and their rapid evolution:

  • Social media marketing
  • Social media monitoring & reporting
  • Social media reputation management
  • Social media brand management
  • Facebook custom page design
  • Facebook marketing
  • Blog creation
  • Blog marketing
  • YouTube set up and channel design
  • YouTube video creation
  • YouTube advertising campaigns
  • Google profiles
  • Social networks account management

Whether it's an email template, a campaign or an on-going monthly service, our social media marketing services can both design and execute whatever you're looking to accomplish.

Social Media Surrogate

If a client is interested, willing and has the time to manage their own social media marketing, we will set them up with the appropriate platforms, teach them what to do and send them on their way.

If, however, the client has more important things to do ... like running their business and tending to its day to day operations, we will become their social media surrogate. We will do all of their posts, updates and communications on a scheduled, routine basis based on an on-going dialogue with the client while providing them with a monthly explanation of their social media activity.

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