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Strategic Marketing

"The whole is the sum of its parts." This simple statement is the essence of what we call "Strategic Marketing." For every company or entity is defined by the "sum of its parts."

We believe in and work to create an entity that has an integrated marketing strategy. So that every expression of who you are – who your company is – whether it's corporate branding, an advertising mailer or the creation of an online business – conveys your company's unique brand.

Brand positioning strategy is what separates you from your competition, helps position you in the marketplace and builds brand recognition.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace, LInkedIn and many others are transforming the world of advertising and marketing both on and off the web.

But are they really? And, if so … how? And how do they work? And which one's right for your business? And are the people you're trying to reach actually using them?

So many companies – so many questions – in what has become an ever-evolving social media maze. What's a company to do?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It doesn't matter how brilliant or beautiful or informative your website may be, if the only way people can locate it is to type in its Web address or search for it by name, it doesn't exist for the millions of people searching the Internet.

Now this may be fine for some businesses, but if your website is an online business or you need folks to find you when they're searching for a product or service, then it becomes essential that the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing being the most important) know of your existence.

Email & Direct-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing

Even with all the hoopla over Internet marketing, email marketing continues to be the least expensive but most effective way of building a highly focused and targeted marketing campaign.

When implemented effectively, email marketing can achieve a phenomenal return on investment. Whether it's a product you're selling or a brand whose market you wish to expand, a campaign using a targeted list and a series of emails can be remarkably successful.

Direct-Mail Marketing

While direct-mail marketing is no longer as potent a force as it once was, due to the rise of Internet marketing and the cost of printing and postage, it still remains a significant marketing tool.

A successful direct-mail marketing campaign can be traced to a well thought out campaign, the use of a quality, well-targeted mailing list and a carefully conceived and designed mailer. It's not for every campaign, but when properly applied it can have a significant impact and be worth the investment.

Print Advertising

We do more than design websites and create Internet marketing campaigns, we create conceptual solutions in the form of print based marketing collateral and advertising campaigns, which includes newspaper and magazine ads.

Our goal is to provide small companies and professionals with the same integrated marketing and design solutions that a large advertising agency would provide its clients. Because, why should the big boys be given all the resources?

You could consider us an ideas based boutique agency who build brands by design and tailor marketing design solutions to the budget of our clients.

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