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Developing a Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than your logo, name or slogan — it's the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company, product or service. It can mean instant, worldwide recognition and it is why companies like AT&T, Apple, Fedex, McDonalds and Disney have spent millions of dollars and employed legions of attorneys on perfecting and protecting it.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. And while it includes your logo, color palette and slogan, these are only creative elements that convey your brand. Your brand is conveyed with every day-to-day interaction you have with your market:

  • The images you convey
  • The messages you deliver on your website, proposals and campaigns
  • The way your employees interact with customers
  • A customer's opinion of you versus your competition

Your brand strategy brings your competitive positioning to life, and works to position you as a certain "something" in the mind of your prospects and customers.

Successful branding also creates "brand equity" – the amount of money that customers are willing to pay just because it's your brand. In addition to generating revenue, brand equity makes your company itself more valuable over the long term.

Competition today is fierce – the whole world's the stage – and everyone's scrambling to get on it. So, it takes more than a “okay” website, or an “interesting” marketing campaign, or “cookie-cutter” branding to cut through the chaos of today's market place and make an impression – let alone an impact. And with the world's communication quickly moving to mobile, it's imperative that your message can respond accordingly.

Brand Marketing

We can provide any aspect of defining and designing your brand from analysis through its design and application, which would include brand positioning, reputation management and marketing plans. The following will give you an idea of the range of the services we will be pleased to provide.


Brand Analysis
  • Brand Experience Audit
  • Communication Audit
  • Marketing Positioning
Brand Creation
  • Company/Product Name
  • Slogan
  • Position/Mission Statement
Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Graphics/Topography
  • Identity Standards Guide


Collateral Design
  • Stationery
  • Newsletter
  • Annual Report
  • Catalogue
  • Marketing Materials
  • Presentations
  • Signage
  • Exhibition Materials
Packaging Design
  • Product Packaging
  • Labels
  • Wrappers
  • Bag
  • Bottles
  • Banners
Internet Design
  • Website
  • E-mail
  • Newsletter
  • Online Marketing Materials

Our Work

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