Strategic Marketing Los Angeles

The Whole Is The Sum Of Its Parts!

This simple statement is the essence of what we call "Strategic Marketing." For every company or entity is defined by the "sum of its parts."

We believe in and work to create an entity that has an integrated marketing strategy. So that every expression of who you are – who your company is – whether it's corporate branding, an advertising mailer or the creation of an online business – conveys your company's unique identity.

It's that marketing strategy that separates you from your competition, helps position you in the marketplace and builds brand recognition.

Strategic Marketing Analysis

In order to accomplish this, we begin with a comprehensive review of your company's business, which includes analyzing:

  • your current marketing strategy
  • your industry
  • your competition
  • your goals
  • your product lines and/or services
  • your client base or target audience

Strategic Marketing Plan

Once this analysis is completed, together, we develop a Digital Marketing Action Plan that may include some or all of the following services:

  • website design or modification
  • online advertising
  • point of sale
  • corporate collateral
  • print advertising
  • email and/or direct mail marketing
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • social media marketing (SMM)
  • exhibition attendance
  • promotional products

Strategic Marketing Goal

Based on this Action Plan, the scale of the undertaking, your time frame and budget, we begin by organizing our staff to meet your needs. Our goal is to meld the "sum of your parts" into a unique whole: to build brand recognition, separate you from your competition, increase market share, income and, of course, profits.

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