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Custom Mobile Web Design

High Arte custom designs and develops responsive websites—whether in HTML5 or WordPress—that are unique, easy-to-navigate and exciting to use.

Regardless of its size or complexity, we provide the same creativity, attention to detail and best practices to our client's site as we would to our own. That's because designing a mobile website is much like designing a building—it's all about choice—when the aesthetics of design meet the science of usability to provide users a unique, brand-specific experience.

Responsive/Mobile Design

With 81% of Americans using the Internet, and with over 70% of individuals 30 and under using only mobile devices, responsive web design is one of your greatest business assets. After all, without it, you don't exist online

Of course, today's business reality requires more than merely having a responsive, online presence. There are millions of websites, and you want—need, actually—yours to resonate with customers and prospects, and to at least measure up to, if not stand above, your competition.

Our successful sites "work" because we take into account both our client's brand and its target audience, merging them seamlessly with contemporary responsive design, development features and best practices.

The Architecture

The following is how we approach the design and development of ever responsive web design regardless of its size or complexity:

  • Research – Examine every aspect and element that will populate the site and how it's to be viewed (Internet, hand-held, down-load). Research how other comparable entities are being represented.
  • Plan – Based on the research, create an over-all plan or "site map" defining the element's priorities and relationships.
  • Select – Review with client all available design and technical elements (embedded video, interactivity, modules and navigation, e-mail and blog linkage, Internet analytics) and decide on their deployment.
  • Design – Create a mock-up of the site's design for client approval.
  • Construct – Begin construction with client approval and when all elements (copy, images, video, etc.) are on hand.
  • Deploy – Up-load site to client's host, test and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Maintain – Maintain and update site, if requested and contracted by client.

Our Commitment

Regardless of the size, complexity or the scope of your needs, we're committed to creating an on-line presence that is a unique, powerful Web experience – that communicates to the world in a clear, effective and compelling manner who you are and what you do.

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Since communication is our business, we have prepared an in-depth Get-A-Quote Questionnaire that will provide us with a good understanding of what you're looking to accomplish. However, in order for us to make the best possible evaluation and provide you with a realistic proposal, please fill out the Questionnaire with as much detail as possible. Any information you provide is strictly confidential as described in our Privacy Policy.
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