About High Arte

Our Philosophy

Competition today is fierce – the whole world's the stage – and everyone's scrambling to get on it. So, it takes more than a “okay” website, or an “interesting” marketing campaign, or “cookie-cutter” branding to cut through the chaos of today's market place and make an impression – let alone an impact. And with the world's communication quickly moving to mobile, it's imperative that your message can respond accordingly.

And while creative minds and cutting-edge technologies are essential, what is equally, if not more important, is the ability ...

  • to listen – to hear and understand – the client's needs and expectations and
  • to aggressively monitor the every-changing dynamics of today's marketplace.

Only with the knowledge and understanding that comes with a clear appreciation of both the client's needs and the current marketplace can an effective, integrated marketing strategy be developed.

Our Approach

Unlike the large marketing and design firms that maintain staffs of graphic and Web designers, programmers and project managers, we keep ourselves nimble – tailoring our staff to meet the needs of each project.

This allows us to employ the right person for the job, which keeps our product fresh, unique and client specific, our overhead down and our prices competitive.

The “High” in High Arte

We believe in continuity of service, so we don't use multiple project managers or account executives; there is only Bolen High, the founder and creative director of High Arte.

Mr. High, regardless of the project's size, works with every client from concept through execution – guaranteeing the project's end result will wind up – with a minimum of stress – exactly it was intended.

What People Are Saying

Bolen recently completed our company's website. He was very responsive and passionate about making sure that it was not only eye-catching, but easy to navigate and optimized for search engines.
Hiring Bolen is not like hiring a 20-something – just out of college. He brings with him a wealth of information, including marketing, graphic and, of course, web design, along with a knowledge of art and design. Bolen's life experience makes all the difference.
In addition, over the last few years, he has done a half-dozen projects for me and has always done them in a timely, cost-effective manner!
His work consistently exceeds my expectations and I highly recommend him.
Tim Peterson
, TWP Financial

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Since communication is our business, we have prepared an in-depth Get-A-Quote Questionnaire that will provide us with a good understanding of what you're looking to accomplish. However, in order for us to make the best possible evaluation and provide you with a realistic proposal, please fill out the Questionnaire with as much detail as possible. Any information you provide is strictly confidential as described in our Privacy Policy.
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